Usability testing of PFM feature for mobile banking

Mobile banking with multimillion audience of users, CEE region
#Case study


Existing mobile banking applications were developing a new feature of personal finance management. In a pre-launch stage, they invited Craft Innovations to organize usability testing to uncover areas for improvements and get actionable recommendations grounded on Best Practices.


We started with Research Strategy first. After analyzing customer requests we proposed to apply 3 different complementary methods: 
1) Moderated usability testing with 12 persons (SUM metric) allowed us to measure the usability of the prototype; 
2) In-Depth interviews gave with the same 12 persons gave us an understanding of the context of use, motivations and current patterns. 
3) Collecting Best Practices of PFM functionality of UI components – assured our final report with direct recommendations for future improvements.


The client’s team got a clear understanding of which scenarios of the prototype needs to be improved. Library of UI best practices provided exact know-how to the team of designers. An understanding of the people’s motivations and habits gave answers regarding feature prioritization.