Design thinking with kids

How we developed a ‘perfect backpack’ together with a 9-11 years old kids
#Case study


The idea of the project that we organized with a Think Global school was to give students practical skills for creating innovative products by using the Design Thinking methodology.


We did it in a for of 1-st guest lecture about Design thinking methodologies to validate the level of interest in the topic. As we got an extremely positive response from kids (9-11 years old), we conducted a design sprint with the challenge of creating a backpack children want to have. We did it following all rules. In the first stage, our teams conducted in-depth interviews with kids and their parents.
Then we did an ideation session to generate ideas for key problems discovered. After we made a low-fi prototype backpack, calculated production costs, and ordered the samples. In 2 iterations of design and market test (all done by kids), we design a backpack that everyone loves!


Kids got practical skills in applying design thinking methodology in real life, and we, as facilitators, got fantastic experiences and emotions from working with them.