UX/UI design for Evo Mall

Value proposition, branding, marketing kit, landing page for a mall marketplace sturtup
#Case study


Our task was to help design a value proposition, branding, marketing kit, and a website for an innovative product that transforms classical Shopping Malls into innovative omnichannel marketplaces.


Craft Innovations conducted a series of design workshops with founders to achieve the goals, where we synthesized the value proposition & key messaging. After our design team worked on concept development, packed in marketing materials, created an express branding, and developed a website.


Value proposition, express branding, marketing kit, and website developed. The first SQL Lead from the USA, said that “The Evo Mall site is extremely helpful!” You can check result here: https://evomall.io


With the Craft Innovations’ inputs, the client was able to sell one project and received three leads within two weeks. The team went the extra mile to deliver excellent results. They made everything possible and were experts in the industry

  • Grygorii Shchepanyk