All services by Craft Innovations agency

Research services:

Qualitative research — define unmet customer needs

Get actionable insights about your customer needs, behavior, desires, purchasing preferences, and experience assessment

Quantitative research — prove your decisions using data

Take a data-driven decision about product features, pricing, design, and customer interaction with our research services

Assess loyalty to your brand using data

Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES), and some others can help you identify how healthy your relationships with clients are.

UX audit and usability testing

Discover hidden usability issues of digital interfaces that lead to customer churn, low-conversion, human mistakes and poor customer experience with your product or service

Design services:

Product & UX design — for humans

We create products that people love to use and pay for

Transforming customer experience using service design methodology

Gain a strategic competitive advantage by providing best-in-class customer experience

Define a winning value proposition & monetisation model

to make your product desirable for customers and more profitable to you.

Consulting service:

Design thinking & service design trainings

We help companies overcome barriers to become systematically innovative. This is achieved through training and facilitation sessions about applying design thinking and service design methodologies.

What value we can bring to your business?

The common goal of the research is to look at the subject from a user or customer perspective. The aim is to validate the hypothesis before the main investments have been made, find opportunities to grow, or define why performance is worse than expected.

Whether it is a new business idea, product prototype, customer experience with your brand, or price strategy, we combine qualitative and quantitative methods to get a clear answer.