SaaS product concept development

Discovery, research, design and validation of the concept – for B2B service
#Case study


This client has already had (has) a successful service business in the field of marketing, but its business model is difficult to scale (the growth of the client base requires a corresponding increase in staff). The project’s management and investors asked us to research hypotheses and help invent a new concept that would be easier to scale and have a positive Unit economy.


After immersing ourselves in the specifics, we planned and conducted two waves of research: a total of 31 respondents, geo USA, EU, and CIS. The concept was built based on primary data, but it was radically changed during the first wave of the test. The final version of the idea was launched in a trial (landing +, which brought a base of leads)


The landing page, which presented the product concept, brought a significant lead base every day (with subscription pricing starting from $1.5k). The client is satisfied, builds a new project team, and plans to invest in a full-scale SaaS system, according to the concept)