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On this project we performed UX research to identify target personas and their needs and expectations. Created a dynamic identity. Developed website UX based on customer expectations from trustable design.
  • Client
  • Location
  • Industry
    Game development
  • Timeline
    12 weeks

About client

An international game development company with 15+ years of experience. It works with global leaders such as Sony, Rovio, EA Games, Disney, Ubisoft, etc. The company has 1,500,000,000 game installs in total.


iLogos had an out-of-the-date website that didn’t fully represent a company level and actual services.
Moreover, it underperformed in conversion (visitors to leads) and had too complicated UX. The company works in a highly competitive segment, but there needed to be more consistency between visual presentation and company level. So, our task was to make potential clients perceive iLogos

Project goal

Restyle and make brand appearance match the company level. Highlight all the services iLogos provides.
Increase the conversion rate of the iLogos website.

Process explained

  1. We did the website assessment, measuring initial metrics and defining the target. We combined two methods: website analytics comparison with industry benchmarks and UX audit.
  2. We conducted user research to determine users’ expectations, barriers, and thoughts: in-depth interviews with users and competitor analysis. Then, we formed types of User Personas and metrics of users’ expectations.
  3. We evaluated all iLogos content and proposed a new information architecture. Insights from the research allowed us to design with an understanding of user expectations from each touchpoint.
  4. We created a visual design concept, made prototypes, and sketched 26 different illustrations for nine pages. Then we developed a UI design for each page and component, including micro animation.
  5. We performed quick usability testing before website development. Used eye-tracking and compared a few different layouts to choose a winning one
  6. Website development. The website was programmed on the WordPress platform. The Admin panel was thoroughly customized for clients’ needs to ensure a handy way to manage different contents. The development process took 35 days.

Methods we applied

  • Website analytics and comparison with industry benchmarks
  • UX-audit
  • User Interviews
  • Analysis of competitors’ landscape
  • AI eye-tracking
  • Iterative prototyping
  • Web development


Craft Innovations created all the website’s styles, icons, and UI elements. The new website attracted users, and the client was happy with the website’s conversion rate.
Moreover, we are impressed by CI’s deep UX and conversion knowledge and effort to achieve great results.

  • Svitlanka Sergiichuk Romaniuk
  • Chief Business Development Officer, iLogos Game Studios
Chief Business Development Officer, iLogos Game Studios